April 12, 2024

Please join us in welcoming Helen S. Medina as our inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the World Spirits Alliance (WSA). With over 15 years of experience in global public policy processes, Helen brings a wealth of expertise to lead our organization toward its purpose, vision, mission, and strategic priorities.

As a multicultural professional with a dynamic background, Helen’s leadership will be instrumental in advancing the WSA’s work of uniting spirits producers worldwide, advocating for industry interests, and promoting best practices to address societal and environmental challenges.

With over two decades of successful informal cooperation under its belt, the spirits producers and producer organizations from around the globe officially established the World Spirits Alliance (WSA) in 2019. The membership includes 11 leading spirits companies and 16 associations of spirits producers from around the world. It offers a common platform for industry representatives to share insights, work together on global issues to advance industry interests, and promote best practices to tackle societal and environmental challenges.

Rooted in history and tradition, spirits are treasured products and distinguishing sources of cultural pride, enriching societies and economies. From the rice fields of China to the vineyards of France to the barley fields in Scotland and the sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean, each crop contributes to spirits production, sustaining livelihoods along the way.

Did you know that the spirits industry is the most valuable alcoholic beverage? In 2022, the industry had $470 billion of retail sales value. And, as a sector, it supported 36M jobs in the same year. This is akin to the UK’s entire workforce! This underscores its immense impact on global economies.

Under Helen’s leadership, we are entering a new era of collaboration, advocacy, and sustainability. Together with our members and stakeholders, we are in creating a world where every spirits moment is enjoyed responsibly and sustainably.