The World Spirits Alliance (WSA) represents spirits producers from across the globe at the international level. Our members represent producers of products such as Baiju from China, Tequila from Mexico, Brazilian Cachaça, Indian-made foreign liquor, Cognac and internationally traded whiskies like Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey and American Whiskeys such as Bourbon, to name but a few. Distillation techniques were first developed centuries ago in China and Greece. Spirits are now consumed all over the globe in many forms. Diversity is deeply rooted in the spirit’s sector. Spirits are produced and consumed by adult consumers worldwide. Each region has its know-how, tied to its history and linked to geographical resources and cultural traditions. Vodka is produced from cereal grains or potatoes, Scotch Whisky from malt, Tequila from blue agave, Cachaca from sugarcane, Baiju from rice, and Bourbon from corn. These specific traditions, knowledge and secret recipes crossed borders and centuries to become an inherent part of cultures and societies. Nowadays, spirits are cherished by countless adult consumers worldwide every day. Spirits symbolize festive gatherings, togetherness, and social cohesion. This brochure provides topline insights about the sector and its footprint across the globe.