about the alliance

After two decades of successful informal cooperation, the spirits producers and producer organisations from across the world came together in July 2019 to finalize the creation of the World Spirits Alliance (WSA). This international trade association is offering a common global voice to the spirits producers and will act as a representative partner and interlocutor before international organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations (UN).

The WSA members represent producers of products such as Baiju from China, Tequila from Mexico, Brazilian Cachaça, Indian IMFL, Cognac and internationally traded whiskies like Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey and American Bourbon (to name but a few). The WSA is offering a common platform for exchange and have a representative body that will allow spirits producers to comment on issues of global relevance, particularly in the areas of trade and regulatory policy, and help develop a positive environment for the sustainable success of the sector.

The objective of the World Spirits Alliance and its members is to advocate for:

      • Elimination of tariff, non-tariff barriers, and discriminatory taxes;
      • Fair, transparent and evidence-based regulation of distilled spirits;
      • Adequate excise tax structures;
      • Proportionate evidence-based public health measures for distilled spirits;
      • Ambitious strategies to combat illicit alcohol.

The World Spirits Alliance and its individual members are committed to responsible production, advertising and marketing practices and to encouraging adults who choose to consume spirits, to do so responsibly and in moderation

“Distilled spirits are a vibrant and highly dynamic sector with a unique diversity of products and producers across the world. With the World Spirits Alliance we have a platform to speak with a single global voice on trade and social responsibility, key issues for our industry."
Ulrich Adam
Secretary General of WSA

World Spirits Alliance