wsa issues

wsa issues

WSA joins TRACIT Alliance Network Partner

3 March 2021

The WSA is joining the TRACIT Alliance Network Partners, which forms an integral, international network of business organizations with reason to defend markets against illicit and unfair trade. Collectively, they demonstrate a powerful, transnational business voice that stands with TRACIT against illicit trade and its negative impacts on society and economy.

The principal objectives of the network are to:

  • Educate and encourage national policymakers on the urgency of regulating against illicit trade, through the development of research, best practice and policy guidance.
  • Drive international policy and regulatory standards, by collaborating with key UN and intergovernmental organizations.
  • Promote mitigation tactics common to all forms of illicit trade, by mobilizing the international business community and working collectively across industry sectors.

WSA’s membership in TRACIT’s alliance network partners comes within the scope of WSA’s agenda to fight illicit trade by raising awareness of the issue.


November 2019

WSA and its individual members are committed to responsible production, advertising and marketing practices and to encouraging adults who choose to consume spirits, to do so responsibly and in moderation.

Given the global reach and representativeness of WSA, we welcome the opportunity to participate in the consultation by the World Health Organisation on the Global Alcohol Strategy (GAS). We are grateful for these consultation opportunities with all stakeholders and hope this process will result in mutually satisfactory commitments which will contribute to the reduction of the harmful use of alcohol.


The World Spirits Alliance stands as a firm supporter of the multilateral trading system.  Our core priorities have remained consistent: enhanced market access, improved certainty of legal protection for spirits with geographical indications, and the elimination of non-tariff barriers and other procedural/regulatory obstacles to the international trade in distilled spirits

Yet, as the future of the World Trade Organisation is in jeopardy, we applaud the commitments made by its members to go through a reform process.   It is time to change and make the organisation fit for the new global trade.